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Exam and exemption information for students

THS/FBISD Policies

Exam and Exemption Information Exemption cards were distributed to all students on Monday, May 26 in 3rd period. These were to have been turned in by 3 p.m. Friday, May 30. Students with outstanding...  Read More »

June 2, 2014


Q&A with Briana Kowal

Azam Khan, Journalism I

1.What was your most memorable moment this season with the team? -”I can’t really choose one I appreciate every moment i had with my teammates this season.”   2. What is your you and your teammates mind set going into next season? -”We’re...  Read More »

May 16, 2014 • 0 comments


  • Stifled spirit: New district means controversial new restrictions and rules October 21, 2014
    Hands connected by pinkies sway in unison under the Friday night lights as hundreds of fans sing, “for the red, black, and silver. And the glory of Vista Ridge High.” After a shootout against Vandegrift on Oct. 10, the Rangers brought a 57-52 win home, outscoring the Vipers in overtime. Despite the team’s current 6-0 […]
    Erica Cardano-Hillary, Vista Ridge HS, Cedar Park, Texas
  • Addition of ‘Frozen’ characters opens new doors for ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ October 21, 2014
    “Welcome to Storybrooke.” With those three words, bail bonds person, Emma Swan, is catapulted into a world beyond her wildest imagination. On the day of Emma’s birth 28 years before, the Evil Queen cast a dark curse upon the fairy tale denizens of the Enchanted Forest, ripping away their homes and their memories, sending them […]
    Martika Theis, Palatine HS, Palatine, Ill.
  • Loud, proud and positive: the ‘Panther Pit’ is nucleus of student cheering section October 20, 2014
    Students pile in, all around a nucleus of purple-and-gold clad kids wielding flags with painted faces. They blast pump-up music from a speaker, yelling chants to intimidate the enemy team. They aren’t affected by the cool winds that howl on fall nights. Instead they’re hot from the packed in and sweaty group of cheering bodies. […]
    Jackson Powell, Wenatchee HS, Wenatchee, Wash.
  • District takes proactive measures related to Ebola October 20, 2014
    Yesterday Superintendent Bob Morrison sent a letter home to all GISD students informing everyone that parents at North Garland and Schrade Middle School were aboard the Frontier Airlines flight with the second healthcare worker that was diagnosed with the Ebola virus. Even though administrators told students not to panic yesterday, out of 2,511 students, abo
    Anahi Castro, North Garland HS, Garland, Texas
  • Dress code has holes of its own October 17, 2014
    “If a student has selected a manner of appearance that is beyond mere freedom of expression and disrupts the educational process… they may be removed from the educational setting.” — PN Dress Code. It’s no secret that here at Portage Northern, there is a widely despised and unpopular policy that many students, particularly girls, harbor […]
    Alaina Taylor, Portage Northern HS, Portage, Mich.
  • Attitude adjusters: Varsity volleyball defensive stars are key players October 17, 2014
    Originally published Sept. 16, 2014 Last Tuesday’s Battle of the Spike will go down as one of the most memorable nights of the varsity volleyball team’s season. In a two-and-a-half-hour match against West High, the Little Hawks defeated the Trojans to bring the Spike back to City for the first time in three years. Sarah […]
    Innes Hicsasmaz, Iowa City HS, Iowa City, Iowa

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