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Exam and exemption information for students

THS/FBISD Policies

Exam and Exemption Information Exemption cards were distributed to all students on Monday, May 26 in 3rd period. These were to have been turned in by 3 p.m. Friday, May 30. Students with outstanding...  Read More »

June 2, 2014


Q&A with Briana Kowal

Azam Khan, Journalism I

1.What was your most memorable moment this season with the team? -”I can’t really choose one I appreciate every moment i had with my teammates this season.”   2. What is your you and your teammates mind set going into next season? -”We’re...  Read More »

May 16, 2014 • 0 comments


  • Does #activism make a difference or does it just turn issues into viral trends? October 24, 2014
    Think of any viral video, meme or trend on social media. Where does it comes from? Tweets and posts start to appear on your feed as your friends start to tweet and comment. You are expected to join in because, why not? It’s viral. Every day it seems like a new trend arises on social […]
    Zoe Davis, Whitney Young Magnet HS, Chicago
  • No need to eat meat if we’ve got vegetables October 24, 2014
    Imagine saving more than 8 billion animals a year, just in the United States, by shutting out the animal food industry which includes clothing, cosmetics and home goods produced by slaughtered animals. Well, during the summer, I came across a video on YouTube called “Why You Should Consider Being a Vegetarian,” a video about people […]
    Elen Hakoupiani, Clark Magnet HS, La Crescenta, Calif.
  • Tortilla Babies: Alumna Katharine Harlan makes your kid cute enough to eat October 23, 2014
    Katharine Harlan, ’99, single-handedly turned blankets into gold. No, she didn’t conjure up King Midas or Rumpelstiltskin — instead, Harlan conjured up cute. Yes, cute. She cooked up Bon Vivant Baby, a business that produces food-inspired swaddling blankets with names like “Lil’ Eggroll,” “Tortilla Baby” and “Lil’ Sushi” (all $48). Swaddling (for the younger
    Maxwell Shukuya, Sacramento Country Day School, Sacramento, Calif.
  • Minus Me shares story behind upcoming album ‘Jupiter’ October 23, 2014
    Minus Me tells FHC Today about its upcoming album “Jupiter “ and the story behind it. The band’s music has been played on 105.7 The Point and 100.7 The Viper, and are battling other bands to play at Pointfest 2015. Get more information about the band’s music and upcoming album via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. […]
    Ashley Marlo, Francis Howell Central HS, St. Charles, Mo.
  • Basedmojis offers different alternative emojis October 22, 2014
    Hip-Hop/Cultural icon Brandon McCartney, or as the public knows him as Lil B, has taken his message of positivity beyond music into the technological world with his new app: Basedmojis. Lil B has challenged professional basketball player Kevin Durant to a one on one. He’s released over 3,000 songs in his established but young career […]
    Yousef Fatehpour, Daniel Pearl Magnet HS, Van Nuys, Calif.
  • Foxes cause disturbances on school property October 22, 2014
    Huskies are no longer the only animals associated with BVNW. Recently, foxes have been spotted outside of the school causing disturbances. “I think the foxes are more of an annoyance,” lead daytime custodian Ronnie Goodson said. “I’ve only seen them running around; they don’t come up to us or anything.” Goodson said he has seen foxes […]
    Zac Johnson, Blue Valley Northwest HS, Overland Park, Kan.

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